September 25

A Few Quiet Yarns – How to Build Genuine Connections


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How effectively do you network? Why is it important to build a genuine personal relationship before starting to talk business?  Most of us prefer to do business with people we know like and trust. How do we go about building this trust? A Few Quiet Yarns is one way to build genuine business connections.

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In This Episode, You'll Learn How to Build Genuine Connections...

  • Why you need to get to know someone and build trust, before you start talking about work. So meet the person, not the suit.
  • Trust is the foundation for a healthy and robust relationship. In particular, genuine trust can be a huge asset if any problems occur, as both parties are comfortable about being open and honest..
  • The importance of not selling, as most people are well informed and most of the buying process happens before making a sales enquiry.

A Few Quiet Yarns - Resources

There are a number of ways that you can learn more about AFQY:

A Few Quiet Yarns will be held monthly in Auckland and b-monthly in other centres in New Zealand. 

Questions posed by the interview: A Few Quiet Yarns

  • How well do you understand the importance of getting to know someone, before you start taking business.?
  • How effectively do you network and how open are you to starting  a conversion with a stranger?
  • What is your process for contacting someone after your first meeting?

Introducing Ryan Ashton

AFQY Ryan Ashton

I work across the areas of ICT, Digital Transformation, Social Media, Digital Marketing using the breadth and depth of my experiences across the Sales, Marketing, Creative, PR, Events, Social, Software/App Development, Management, Change and Technology - as I can bridge the gaps between those departments effectively.

I am passionate about the solutions I provide and genuinely enjoy helping people solve their business challenges. Having worked across a range of industries and personalities I frequently meet people from all walks of life on their level and see the world from their point of view - this helps me provide responses in their language or customer-empathetic-communications.

I am always open to meeting new people, and listening to their story and operate my own networking group "A Few Quiet Yarns", where a range of people can meet and network in a social environment to build a personal relationship which naturally progresses to doing business, with people you know and trust. "Social networking in real time, a.k.a. going down to the pub for a few quiets".

Feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to have a business yarn.

Meet the person, not the suit. Start a relaxed conversation about yourself and your interests.

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I hope you found this helpful. If so, please share it with your connections.​

I would love to hear from you too. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Simon Fawkes

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