August 8

The Age of Anomaly


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You are probably familiar with the story about placing a frog in cold water and gradually increasing the temperature. The frog does not notice the small change in temperature and is boiled alive. Well, this story, like many other familiar tales, is a myth. Frogs are far smarter than we give them credit for and they would jump out of the water well before it got too hot. Most humans, however, behave like the fictitious frog. Our reactions to gradually unfolding threats are slow or even non-existent. So what can we learn from Andrei Polgar's new book "The Age of Anomaly"?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips from The Age of Anomaly...

  • History rhymes, so understand crashes from the past and their characteristics. Wisdom in hindsight is, of course, easy, but you can learn from the way the book explains these crashes clearly and simply.
  • Keep abreast of current events so that you can spot changes and potential crashes. In other words, forewarned can mean being forearmed.​.
  • Be humble and strive to become a logic-driven economic thinker. Therefore, don't let sentiment drive your economic and investment decisions.
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    By becoming good at spotting financial storms as well as resilient, you’ll be far better prepared than the average person.

The Age of Anomaly - Resources

The Age of Anomaly

Launch Special

The price of the book has been slashed to $0.99 USD plus taxes for the week of the launch.  This converts to approximately $1.70 NZD. The offer closes at midnight EST on 12 August 2018, which is 4:00 pm on 13 August in New Zealand.


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The Age of Anomaly Book Launch Contest

In this video, Andrei Polgar talks about his book and he explains his motivation for writing a 400-page book. 

There are several ways to enter the contest. The first is if course, buy the book. He will reward people with 3 chances at winning for buying on Amazon, 3 chances at winning for buying on Barnes&Noble, 3 chances for buying on iBooks and 3 chances for buying on Kobo.

 Convince someone to buy the book, you'll receive 3 chances at winning and, of course, the person who buys it receives 3 chances him or herself. For example, if John tells Rachel about the book and Rachel says "I found out about it from [email protected]" when contacting Andrei to claim her 3 chances, John will receive 3 chances as well for telling her about the book. The only rule is that BOTH people need to have bought the book .

If you do buy the book and wish to enter the contest, please tell Andrei you heard about the book from simon @ b2m.co.nz.

Questions posed by the interview: The AGE of ANOMALY

  • What impact might the narrative change that Andrei Polgar fears have on your business and the markets you service?
  • How financially resilient are you personally and how resilient is your business?
  • So what steps could and should you take now to become better at spotting financial storms and becoming more resilient?

Introducing Andrei Polgar

Andrei Polgar

Andrei is an economist, entrepreneur and the man behind "One Minute Economics" on YouTube. He wrote The Age of Anomaly with one purpose and one purpose only: enabling readers to prepare for future financial calamities by helping them become better and better at spotting anomalies on the one hand and on the other hand, helping them be more resilient in general.  

The most frustrating aspect to Andrei is that economic anomalies are anything but subtle. In hindsight, they seem blatantly obvious, but what exactly about them is it that makes otherwise rational individuals ignore clear warning signals? In his opinion, it all revolves around an extremely effective numbing mechanism. We don’t notice blatantly obvious anomalies mostly because we don’t want to. And since we don’t want to notice them, we perhaps subconsciously choose not to.

By becoming good at spotting financial storms as well as resilient, you’ll be multiple orders of magnitude better off than the average individual, who blissfully chooses to live in a bubble of ignorance! #TheAgeofAnomaly

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Simon Fawkes

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