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Simon Fawkes is an experienced B2B Business Coach and an Accredited Mindshop Facilitator. His main areas of expertise are in Strategy, Marketing and Social Media. Simon believes in thinking differently and challenging perceived ideas and ways of working. He is a "reformed engineer" and a linguist, with fluent German and French. He works mainly with B2B companies. 

Too often people in business start by telling you what they do and how great they are. They then go on to tell you that they have the best people or best products or some combination of people, products, service and price. This is flawed, as the claim "we are better" often leads to the question: "if you are so great, how can you prove this"? 

People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it.

Simon Sinek

B2M: Explaining Our Purpose


Don't expect the people who created the problem to think differently on their own. I believe in thinking differently and I love challenging perceived ideas and ways of working. This brings new insights that can be the catalyst for taking a different approach. That’s why I love coaching business owners and managers on Strategy, Marketing & Social Media to help them and their companies flourish.


The way I apply this is by asking probing questions as part of a structured conversation and using a range of simple, but powerful business tools. These often unlock fresh ideas and what I call “hidden gems”.  Looking at a business from a customer or market perspective often presents a far clearer picture.


Our main service is coaching, both online and in person, with Mindshop Online as the core. The three main areas are Strategy, Marketing and Social  Media.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

B2B Business Coach: Shared Value

Our Coaching Service:

  • Is for team leaders, managers and SME owners.
  • Who want to achieve their business goals.
  • It provides clarity and a road map.
  • That offers insightful observations that reveal underlying issues and new opportunties.
  • Allowing them to feel confident and harness their true potential.
  • They believe this because they recognise our commitment and genuine interest in their business.
B2B Business Coach

​Listen to the interview with Vanessa Leota of Solopreneur Business Network, where I share some of my learning and favourite tools.

Solopreneur Business Network
Vanessa Leota

Not your average business coach, Simon Fawkes is a strategic thinker and overall "impact" maker for you business to drive it forward.

B2M - Powered by Mindshop

Powered by Mindshop

Business to Markets Ltd  (B2M) is a member of the global Mindshop network,  which was established in 1994. Mindshop empowers B2M with the tools, resources and training to provide tailored business solutions to our clients in areas such as Growth, Profit, Leadership, Strategy and Implementation. Through Mindshop , we can tap into the expertise of hundreds of specialist advisors around the world. Mindshop also allows us to draw on innovative, online coaching and training technologies to provide support to any sized client, anywhere in the world.

Simon Fawkes

Aim to be different, not just better.

Advice on Trade Fairs and Export Market Development

Get Results Faster with Custimised Business Coaching

We have three Coaching Packages that we can customise to suit your particular need and they all include Online Coaching. 

I look forward to hearing from you, Get in touch and arrange a free Strategy Consult Call from an energetic B2B Business Coach.

Simon Fawkes, Director, Business to Markets Ltd​

You can reach me on mobile or Skype.  Another option is the chat box below.

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