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Each episode of B2M Business Insights on Otago Access Radio is available as a podcast. You can listen to the replays and podcast episodes in a number of ways:

B2M Business Insights 2018

The podcast is aimed at business owners and managers, who want to be stimulated and are interested in business topics such as: Strategy, Marketing and Social Media.  The interviews cover a range of other topics including: change, commercialisation, entrepreneurship, personal development, planning psychology,  strategy implementation, time management and uncertainty.  These are just some of the keywords you can use to search all the podcast episodes.

The last episode was broadcast in September 2018. The podcast in on hold for the time being. The 78 podcast episodes remain a valuable resource and it is so easy to search all podcast episodes by keyword on a desktop device.

The Last Six Episodes of B2M Business Insights

About Simon Fawkes, Podcast Host

Simon Fawkes Your Podcast Host

I believe in thinking differently and in challenging perceived ideas and ways of working. Since I am curious by nature, B2M Business Insights is the ideal way to share ideas and new thinking with a wide range of interesting and talented people.  You now have over 70 episodes to listen to and you are bound to find some of the interviews both stimulating and relevant.