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Aug 28

A Few Quiet Yarns Dunedin 31 August 2017

By Simon Fawkes | Blog


AFQY: A Few Quiet Yarns

A Few Quiet Yarns is a lively networking event for tech, digital and business people. The focus is on enabling you to meet the person, not their suit.  This means you can build a relationship over a quiet yarn as well as enjoying a drink. Your host Ryan Ashton will go around the room and introduce each person in turn to everyone, so that you know who else is in the room and you can then connect with ease.

A Few Quiet Yarns will be held again in Dunedin in late October or early November 2017. 

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Nov 10

Get Fresh Insights: B2M Business Insights Podcast

By Simon Fawkes | Blog , Podcast Episodes

B2M Business Insights

B2M Business Insights

​B2M Business Insights is a weekly radio show and podcast for business owners and managers, who are open to new ideas and who are willing to embrace change. So the Interviews with experts and thought-leaders will give you fresh insights and tips on strategy, marketing and social media to help you make informed decisions about growing your business and reaching new markets.

B2M Business Insights on Otago Access Radio

I invite you to join me and listen to B2M Business Insights, Mondays at 5pm on Otago Access Radio, 105.4FM, and online at OAR.ORG.NZ and on iTunes.

Read more about B2M Business Insights.

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Aug 26

Smart Ways To Show Videos On Your Website

By Simon Fawkes | Blog

Smart Ways to Show Videos

Use Videos To Increase Engagement

The title "Smart Ways To Show Videos" implies that there may be some ways that are not so smart. In fact, some ways to show video are plain dumb. Images are more engaging than text and videos are more engaging than images. The downside is that videos can be distracting and the worst thing you can do is to encourage visitors to your website to go elsewhere.  Sadly, this can be the consequence of not using the right techniques to show your videos on your website.

Engagement is the most important factor. You also need to minimise the time needed to load a video, as if it takes too long, the person on your website may give up and go elsewhere. Another issue you need to be aware of is the extent to which you want to stop people from downloading and copying your videos. Because this topic is quite complex, we have added a "Quick Navigation", which lists the various topics under the heading "smart ways to show videos on your website". As a result, you should find the content easier to follow.

So what are the smart ways to show videos on your website?

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Aug 02

How to Make Your Linkedin Profile More Effective

By Simon Fawkes | Blog

LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is the most important professional network and there are now more than 400 million members.  This is no passing fad and the growth is likely to continue.  LinkedIn is a professional, not a social network . This means your LinkedIn profile needs to be complete  and present a good impression.

A complete profile presents an opportunity to optimise your profile with careful use of the right keywords. This means that someone doing a search is more likely to find your profile and they will make an instant judgement by glancing at the results from the LinkedIn search results.

So how do you make your LinkedIn profile more effective?

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Jul 25

Unlock The Secrets To YouTube Marketing

By Simon Fawkes | Blog

YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Videos on your YouTube channel appear in Google searches and they feature more prominently.  This means that the person doing a search is more likely to click on your video than items with an image or plain text. YouTube Marketing must be done well!

Remember that Google owns YouTube, so Google wants your videos to feature as premium content. 

While Facebook is a very important Social Media Channel, you cannot search for a video on Facebook.  If you want people to find and watch your videos, you have to publish your videos on YouTube.

So how do you get your video to rank highly on YouTube?

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