Animated GIF Marketing


There's a revolution happening in online marketing and we can help you get the best results with our brand new Animated GIF Marketing and Cinemagraph Marketing Services.

So put your marketing or advertising message in the hottest and most viral format in 2017.

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  • Animated GIF's and Cinemagraphs go viral and grab attention like nothing else.
  • 23 million GIF's are posted to Tumblr every day.
  • Facebook Messenger sees 5 million GIF's each day.

Hence you simply cannot afford to miss this brand new advertising phenomenon!

GIF's are not new and most people think that they are easy to create. So what matters is creating the right type of animated GIF and harnessing the latest technology.  That is the hard part and we do this well. 

Furthermore our GIF Marketing Service provides you with eye-catching animated GIF's that go viral.​

This means that we create stunning images and then use them in an effective marketing plan.

Most of all we can take any video and transform it into a stunning animated GIF. We can then develop a compelling marketing campaign so that you get great results.

GIF Marketing Plan

We also provide cinemagraphs, which are animated GIF's that look just like a regular video. Most of all, they grab attention by freezing part of the video and repeating the action. So your eyes are drawn by the candles.

This means your can tap into one of the other biggest marketing trends that is taking the online world by storm.


We create amazing “moving image” cinemagraphs that are amongst the most eye-catching, click-attracting images you can use in any marketing channel. Most of all they are particularly effective on Facebook, and this is where our expertise in GIF Marketing comes to the fore.

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