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Contact us by filling in the form below and I will respond promptly to arrange an initial discussion, by phone  or Skype. The purpose of this initial discussion is to learn more about the issues you are facing and discuss ways that we might be able to help. If both parties feel that there is a fit, we can then arrange a face to face meeting or a cal by phone or Skype if this is more convenient.

I don’t try and probe too deeply into your affairs at this initial stage, but be prepared for some searching questions. If you want better answers, you need better questions! This discussion is confidential and there is no sales pressure.  You may not be ready to take action now, but you will find the interaction of value to you.

If you think we can work well together, we simply need to agree of the level of engagement needed and set a budget. I will then prepare a simple proposal and contract summary, which is normally just two pages. Once you are happy with this document, all that you need to do is sign and we can get started.

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