November 16

Conversational Intelligence


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The topic of episode 51 was Relationship Marketing and the importance of building strong relationships with customers. Conversations play an important role in building these relationships, but they are increasingly taking on digital forms, which are very hard to track. These conversations hold valuable information, but how can companies extract actionable insights? What role does Conversational Intelligence play?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Conversational Intelligence..

  • Understanding the concept of Conversational Intelligence and how much potential value is locked away in unstructured data, which is also called “dark data”.
  • Some of the ways  Augmented Intelligence and Cognitive Tools help to interpret dark data at scale and provide useful insights for humans to interpret.
  • How Conversational Intelligence can help businesses and organisations lower costs and risks; while increasing value.
  • Two Use Cases: the first in the insurance industry and the second in mental health. The first helps reduce customer churn hence increase profits. The second provides insights into the nature and severity of mental health issues to provide a better service at lower cost.

Conversational Intelligence - Resources

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Conversational Intelligence Presentation
Designing for Conversation

Questions posed by the interview: Conversational Intelligence

  • Firstly, how well are you using all your dark data so that you can extract actionable insights?
  • Secondly, what is the potential value of all the knowledge your employees hold that you are not capturing?
  • Finally, what impact could Artificial Intelligence have on your business or organisation? Do you run the risk that your competitors are making step-changes in the way they operate? This means that you could wake up one day and find that you are no longer competitive!

Introducing Neil Movold

Neil Movold

Neil is passionate about knowledge leadership and amplifying human intelligence using artificial intelligence and cognitive computing solutions. His mission is to help individuals and organisations make their way through digital transformation so that they can harness knowledge (as a strategic asset), experience and networks to unlock the digital value that will drive important decisions and solve complex problems.

Through his company InsightNG, Neil and his team can work on short-term contracts or longer-term projects that help organisations to implement value-driven, digital transformation solutions that, in particular, are based on artificial intelligence and cognitive computing technologies.

Customer conversations hold invaluable insights, but they are increasingly taking on digital forms that cannot easily be tracked.

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