July 11

Early Stage Companies


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Start-Up businesses often, by necessity, cut corners at the early stages but ultimately, they pay the price for this.  This podcast episode discusses why the founders need to consider the intended endings at the outset.  There are some important lessons for all early stage companies and some mistakes in the early days can have a detrimental effect on the ability of the company to seek new investment and grow shareholder value.

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Early Stage Companies...

  • Begin with the end in mind and be clear about how to make the company attractive to potential investors. For example, have the right company structure, make sure you have robust systems in your business and that ownership of the Intellectual Property is clear.
  • Plan several funding rounds to avoid excessive dilution of the founders’ shares. This is because potential investors want to know that the founders have “skin in the game” by having a financial stake in the company’s prosperity.
  • Build a team and a network of advisers and specialists. Furthermore, look for “smart capital”, which can include industry expertise and market contacts.
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    Market Validation is a continuous journey and not a one-off exercise. Make sure you are asking the right questions to the right people. The most important question is of course: would you buy my product?

Early Stage Companies - Resources


Questions posed by the interview: Early Stage Companies

  • How clear are you about the value you are creating and how could you validate this?  If your aim is to sell your company, do you have potential purchases in mind and what they might value?
  • What are your main milestones and how could you link them to planned funding rounds?  This is important as demonstrating a track record of achieving what you promise raises the confidence of potential investors and reduces the perceived risk.

Introducing Scott Mason

Scott is Crowe Horwath’s Managing Partner of Tax Advisory for Australia and New Zealand. Outside of his day job, he has two specific passions about the education and technology sectors.

He has formed a seed fund with other investors in Dunedin and he is director and/or investor in several tech start-up companies.

Begin with the end in mind: have the right company structure, robust systems & make sure your business will be attractive to new investors. Plan several funding rounds to avoid dilution of founders' shares. #podcast

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