June 14

High Performance Companies


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How well does your company perform and how do you compare with your competitors? You may aspire to become a high-performance company, but what does this entail? In particular, what are some of the top hallmarks of high-performance companies?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Top Hallmarks of High-Performance Companies...

  • Being truly client-facing is one hallmark and this must be driven from the top. Hence it is imperative to be very clear about the way the company works and everyone needs to understand their role and the impact on the client.
  • The board must set the vision, mission and high-level strategy. Then allow lower levels, such as country or business unit, to set their goals and targets. These cascading strategies are the opposite of micro-management.
  • It is very important to understand what value your product or service will add to a client. Furthermore, what is the environment these companies operate in?
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    Your sales team need to be expert problem-solvers. This means that each salesperson is seen as a valuable source of advice and insights.

Questions posed by the interview: Top Hallmarks of High-performance companies

  • How clear is the way your company does business and interacts with clients or customers? Additionally, how well is this understood and followed by all your employees?
  • How could your sales team become better problem solvers and specifically what impact could this have on your client relationships and ultimately your profits?
  • How deeply embedded is your safety culture? It will take years to build a safety culture, but one adverse event can have a serious impact on your reputation.

Introducing Ross Tilson

Ross Tilson

Ross has an impressive international career in the mining, industrial products & services and motor vehicle industries. He has global business experience in 54 countries involving both direct and indirect, sales & marketing and operational management.

Ross has held senior roles with leading multinationals such as Atlas Copco, Boart Longyear and Sandvik.

Being truly client facing is one hallmark of top performance companies. This must be driven from the top and everyone needs to understand their role and the impact on the client.

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Simon Fawkes

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