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Sep 17

The Secrets of Being Effective on LinkedIn

By Simon Fawkes | Podcast Episodes

B2M043 LinkedIn Secrets

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Are you confused about how to make best use of LinkedIn? Would you like to make better use of LinkedIn? What are some of the common mistakes and how can you avoid them. Listen to the interview with Julie Mason, who is a highly regarded LinkedIn expert and learn some of the main LinkedIn secrets.

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Jul 20

B2M, Your WHY and LinkedIn Profile Tips

By Simon Fawkes | Podcast Episodes

B2M02 B2M Your Why

Your WHY Should Be Your Foundation

This is the second episode of B2M Business Insights and I am doing all the talking this time.  The main topic is the importance of WHY and the reason why this should be your foundation. This means, your starting point and an important part of your story.  Most people in business start a conversation by stating WHAT they do. This is deeply flawed.

People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it

Simon Sinek

My background is unusual. I am a"reformed engineer" and a linguist. I talk about my education in England and Germany and my journey from engineering to international marketing and now business coaching. I explain B2M's purpose as an example of Simon Sinek's "The Importance of Why". Finally, I give some tips on getting results from your LinkedIn Profile and this builds on being very clear about your WHY.  

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Nov 16

Plan As You Go, Not Where To Go

By Simon Fawkes | Podcast Episodes

B2M01 Plan As You Go

Are There Better Ways To Plan?

The interview topic "Plan As You Go, Not Where to Go" may seem strange as for most people planning is all about setting goals and then working out how to get achieve these goals.

Professor Sylvie Chetty explains why traditional goal-based planning may not always be appropriate. How can you plan when there is so much uncertainty and there are too many unknowns? Effectuation is a means-based method of planning, which is well suited to uncertainty and a lack of information. This is particularly relevant when launching a new product or entering a new market.

Sylvie Chetty

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Nov 10

Get Fresh Insights: B2M Business Insights Podcast

By Simon Fawkes | Blog , Podcast Episodes

B2M Business Insights

B2M Business Insights

​B2M Business Insights is a weekly radio show and podcast for business owners and managers, who are open to new ideas and who are willing to embrace change. So the Interviews with experts and thought-leaders will give you fresh insights and tips on strategy, marketing and social media to help you make informed decisions about growing your business and reaching new markets.

B2M Business Insights on Otago Access Radio

I invite you to join me and listen to B2M Business Insights, Mondays at 5pm on Otago Access Radio, 105.4FM, and online at OAR.ORG.NZ and on iTunes.

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