June 21

Sales Shift


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Many people in business feel uncomfortable about sales. In fact, they don’t like selling and they don’t like being sold to. So, if you are not a natural salesperson, how can you learn to be effective at sales and is there a journey you might even enjoy exploring? The answer may well be Sales Shift, which involves making some fundamental changes. Salespeople therefore need to change from being product experts talking products to consultants asking probing questions to help prospects gain a deeper understanding of their problems.

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Sales Shift...

  • There is no shortage of information and it is very easy to search online for even more information. This can lead to information overload and confusion. Your potential customers can then become distracted trying to evaluate different solutions.
  • The Sales Shift involves some fundamental changes in mindset and behaviour. This involves changing from being a product expert to a problem-solving expert. For example, by asking probing questions that help your prospects gain a deeper understanding of their problems.
  • Sales teams can learn from sports teams. The four pillars of sales coaching are likewise fitness, skills, technique & mindset.

Sales Shift  - Resources

Sales Shift

Order the book on Amazon or Kindle

Sales Shift Global DNA

The DNA diagnostic tool assesses Sales process, performance management and the business metrics of your sales department as well as the people, technology, commitment to innovation.

Questions posed by the interview: Sales Shift

  • How well does your sales team perform and what type of coaching would best help raise performance?
  • To what extent do you salespeople understand the need to make the sales shift from product expert to consultant? Furthermore, how comfortable are they in making this shift?
  • What would be the impact on your sales would it have to be far clearer about your Sales Strategy, Sales Mindset, Sales Skill Set, the Sales Tool Set and Culture? Take a look at the Sales Shift Global DNA.

Introducing Mike Boyle

Mike Boyle author of Sales Shift

Mike has a dream that sees all sales professionals being guided by a pure and clear vision for their employers. First, they are confident in themselves, their products and sales processes. Second, they strive for and achieve top results. Third, they ask beautiful questions and create beautiful conversations that lead to deep and rich relationships built on trust and mutual understanding.

This is adapted from the Foreword of Mike's new book "Sales Shift".

Sales People need to change from being product experts talking products to consultants asking probing questions to help prospects gain a deeper understanding of their problems. #podcast #sales #salesshift

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