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Unlock The Secrets To YouTube Marketing



Unlock The Secrets To YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Videos on your YouTube channel appear in Google searches and they feature more prominently.  This means that the person doing a search is more likely to click on your video than items with an image or plain text. YouTube Marketing must be done well!

Remember that Google owns YouTube, so Google wants your videos to feature as premium content. 

While Facebook is a very important Social Media Channel, you cannot search for a video on Facebook.  If you want people to find and watch your videos, you have to publish your videos on YouTube.

So how do you get your video to rank highly on YouTube?


Optimise Your YouTube Videos!

Unlock The Secrets To YouTube Marketing

​Just publishing a video to YouTube without any optimisation is rather like throwing a needle into a haystack. Consequently your videos are most unlikely to get found.

Would you like to get your video on page 1 of YouTube?

We can do better than this!  Our video ranks #1 on YouTube for "youtube marketing workshop".YouTube and Marketing are popular search terms and there are about 1,780,000 results for "youtube marketing workshop". . Attend the workshop to learn how to get a top ranking for your videoes.

YouTube Marketing Workshop

Getting found is the first challenge, but how do you get more views and more engagement?  

  • What action do you want the viewer to take?
  • Have you laid out a clear path?

Attend The YouTube Marketing Workshop

Publishing videos to YouTube is easy, but it is too easy to do badly. Learn how to do it well and get results. This workshop will give you some great tips that you can apply to your YouTube Channel or get you started on the right path.

YouTube Workshop Details

Otago Chamber of Commerce
Level 3, 442 Moray Place, Dunedin
12:00pm to 1:30pm, Thursday 13 October 2016


Please note that the workshop on 18 August 2016 was fully booked.  Register early for the next workshop to secure your place.

The cost is $40 + GST for Chamber Members and $70 + GST if you are not a member.

The mind map shows the workshop outline.

YouTube Marketing Workshop Outline

Watch the video to find out more about the workshop.  The video is an example of how to optimise a video and you will learn how to do this at the workshop. Please note that the workshop will be held again 13 October 2016. This is the third and last time in 2016.

This video demonstrates a technique that is not available in YouTube.  The video poses a question and you need to answer Yes or No.  

These questions will only appear on a desktop device. If you are watching on a mobile, you will only see the full YouTube.

Do you already have a YouTube Channel?
Yes or No?


The workshop will show you how to optimise your channel and videos to get better results from YouTube.


The workshop will show you how to get started so that you get results from YouTube.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for sharing your knowledge with us about the YouTube platform. The ideas and features you explained so clearly will certainly make a huge difference to the traffic visiting our YouTube channel and create a much improved impression on our target market.

Mathew Mewse 
The Telephone Man

Learn How To

  • Make sense of YouTube and optimise your channel.
  • Legally spy on your competitors.
  • Optimise your videos in five simple steps.
  • Create a sales funnel to capture and convert leads.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like more information about the workshop.

​Simon Fawkes, Director, Business to Markets Ltd

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Simon Fawkes

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