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Jun 29
B2M071 Spatial Intelligence

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The way we define a problem can have a big impact on possible solutions. The closer you are to the problem and the more you are an expert, the less likely you are to take a fresh perspective. It is important to think differently and to consider a wider range of factors. Spatial Information is one example of gathering and analysing data in a way that provides deeper and possibly novel insights.

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Spatial Intelligence...

  • Be aware that some experts have a narrow perspective, and this can mean not being open to new ideas and different ways of looking at a problem
  • Mapping events in time and space can reveal new and deeper insights. This can be used for a variety of uses such as sales, product support, banking and insurance.
  • Aerial mapping using a drone is affordable and very accurate. The images have very high resolution. and they can be used 3D fly-throughs that present detailed information in a way that is easy to understand.

Spatial Intelligence  - Resources

Spatial Intelligence

Drone Image

Questions posed by the interview: Spatial Intelligence

  • How could you benefit from spatial intelligence? This does not only apply to land-based activities.
  • Which spatial factors influence decisions that you make and what impact would better information have on your business?
  • Where do you see the future of artificial intelligence?

Introducing Neill Glover

Drone Image

Neill specialises in land mapping, GPS data collection and evaluation, mainly for farming, quarrying and mining. 

He is the "go-to" person for all things spatial, including GIS training. He helps his clients discover many layers of information that can uncover a goldmine of knowledge and insights.

Mapping events in time and space shows complex information in a form that is easy to understand. This enables effective and timely decision making. #podcast #spatial #intelligence

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Simon Fawkes

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How Spatial Intelligence Gives Better In-Depth Insights
Article Name
How Spatial Intelligence Gives Better In-Depth Insights
Mapping events in time and space creates 2D or 3D maps and 3D fly-throughs that show complex information in a form that is easy to understand. This enables effective and timely decision-making and cost-savings.
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Business to Markets Ltd

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I believe in thinking differently and I love challenging perceived ideas and ways of working. This brings new insights that can be the catalyst for taking a different approach. That’s why I love coaching SME business leaders to help them increase sales and profits.