July 5

Successful Teams


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Most sports fans have their views on what makes a great sports team. The same can probably not be said for business leaders. So, what are some of the principles for successful teams in a business?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Successful Teams...

  • ​​​​Recruit meticulously and don't rush. Above all, do check references thoroughly and your final question should be "would you re-employ this person?"
  • Share your Vision and Goals and make sure they are fully understood. In particular, check that the team believes that the goals are achievable.
  • Have clearly defined Values so that everyone understands how things will be done. This includes what to do and what not to do.
  • check
    Learn to delegate and allow teams to create their own ground rules that are consistent with the company's values.
  • check
    Run effective meetings with the first part about the last week or month and the second part about this week or month. Then leave the third part to fresh ideas or anything to excite and motivate the team.

Successful Teams  - Resources

5 Principles of Successful Teams

Lessons in Leadership

Lessons in Leadership explores the chaotic first 230 days of Donald Trump’s presidency and turns each blunder; gaff and tweet into real life lessons that anyone in a leadership role can learn from.


  • Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ marketing slogan and his:
  • Promise to drain the swamp
  • Never-ending ‘blame’ games
  • Supposed ‘deal making’ abilities which are pure bully tactics
  • Determination to put people into roles they are neither suitable for nor trained for
  • Penchant for throwing his closest advisers under a bus
Lessons in Leadership

Questions posed by the interview: Successful Teams

  • How well do you score on these five principles? More importantly, how do the teams that report to you think that you score?
  • What improvements could you make to any of the five principles and what impact might these improvements make?
  • What ideas could you get from your teams? This would make an ideal topic for the last third or their next meeting.

Introducing Ann Andrews

Ann spent four years working with the Royal Marines in the UK and then trained as a work study engineer. She subsequently spent more than 30 years working with high performing teams showing managers how to motivate their poor performers and encouraging employees to learn, unlearn and relearn. She is an international speaker; author of five and contributor to numerous others. She is passionate about good leadership because no team, business or country flourishes under a poor leader.

Share your #vision and #goals and have clearly defined #values.

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Simon Fawkes

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