October 17

Manage Your Time Better by Managing Your Energy


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There is one precious resource that we all have in equal measure and we get a new allocation every day. This resource is time. So how well do you use your time and what impact would better time management have on your personal life and your business life?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Better Time Management...

  • Manage your energy rather than your time and plan your day to suit your energy levels so that you do the most complex tasks when your energy level is high.
  • Take breaks and manage your workflow to match your ultradian rhythm and chunk like activities. In particular, do take regular breaks to help you manage your energy.
  • Educate yourself and others to learn that you will respond to emails, but only at certain times. So, switch off alerts and only look at your email a few set times a day.
  • Don’t do the “one last thing” and squeeze in too much. Get ready first and plan your day..

Better Time Management - Resources

Getting a Grip on Time Management: Tools and Tips on How to Do Goal Setting, Prioritise, Be More Efficient and Still Have Work Life Balance Paperback – 20 August 2018

Getting a Grip on Time Management
Amazon Getting a Grip on Time Management

You can buy the book on four Amazon online stores:

Learn more about time management by visiting GettingaGrip.com.

Time Management GettingAGrip.com

Questions posed by the interview: better time management

  • Are you an owl or a fowl? In other words, are you at your most energetic late or early in the day? Understanding this will help you plan your day around your energy levels.
  • How disciplined are you about NOT responding to emails right away? You may need to educate yourself before you start educating others.
  • How well do you manage your energy? This includes managing your diet and exercise.

Introducing Robyn Pearce

Robyn Pearce Time Management Expert

Author and speaker Robyn Pearce has been sharing her experiences and knowledge about life and time management with countless clients and readers since 1992.

.She learnt her subject the hard way. Through the years of raising six kids, single parenthood and then a highly successful real estate career, time management was her biggest challenge. The good news is that she won and Robyn now shares those lessons with clients, readers and listeners in every sector around the world.

Manage your energy, not your time and plan your day to suit your energy levels so that you do the most complex tasks when your energy level is high. #timemanagement

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Simon Fawkes

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