July 17

Word of Mouth Marketing


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You often hear people say that they rely on word of mouth for getting referrals. The expression is widely used but seldom understood. So, what is word of mouth marketing and which factors make this successful? Furthermore, is this something that Not-For-Profit Organisations should adopt and how can they make the best use of this marketing technique?

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In This Episode, You'll Get Some Great Tips on Word of Mouth Marketing...

  • A purpose-led organisation must practise stakeholder equality. This means that the purpose must be applicable and relevant to all stakeholders so that they can form a tribe of advocates.. 
  • Advocates are very important as they repeatedly and consistently tell stories about your organisation. This means that they form the bedrock of word of mouth marketing.
  • Beware of the common mistake of assuming you know who your advocates are and what your purpose means to them..
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    Successful word of mouth campaigns are planned and managed, so that they can be repeated and scaled. In other words, they do not rely on luck.

Word of Mouth Marketing  - Resources

Word of Mouth That Works


WoM:NFP is an online learning course that also gives you all of the tools and templates to apply your WoM knowledge to your not for profit organisation.

You’ll work through a series of modules, each consisting of lessons.  And the lessons will be supported by further learning and application documents.  All designed to help you apply your learning as you go, and to deliver your first WoM campaigns.

Five Stages of Successful Word of Mouth Marketing

  • Identify your advocates and what it is that binds them together. 
  • Understand how they experience your products or services.
  • Be an effective listening organisation when they connect with you to give you ideas or feedback.
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    Then involve them in the organisation and in the development of a word of mouth campaigns.
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    Don't stop after one campaign, as word of mouth needs to be ongoing.

Questions posed by the interview: Word of Mouth Marketing

  • How well do you know your advocates and how well do you understand what your purpose means to them?
  • To what extent do you involve your advocates when making major decisions? This means consulting with your advocates before you make major decisions and not afterwards.
  • Do you understand how you could use word of mouth marketing for your organisation and what results this might deliver?

Introducing Alan Casey

Alan Casey

My journey through to Word of Mouth That Works (WoMTWo™) had been in senior leadership roles in the NZ power industry, where I led the national grid control centre through a period of technological transformation. So it was this ability to ‘strip down’ complex business processes that led me to approach my co-founder Jake Pearce with the proposition of codifying his word of mouth knowledge into an online learning programme.

The creation of WoMTWo™ has enabled me to draw on my experience of the design of learning and development programmes that I created in the control centre of the national grid.

Being purpose-led comes from my experience of chairing a charity in New Zealand for 10 years. It leads you to realise that profit, while it’s important, is not the be all. We must have a higher purpose.

Advocates form the tribe that repeatedly and consistently tell stories about your organisation. #podcast #WoMTWo #NFP

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Simon Fawkes

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